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Full Service Alpaca Farm, Boarding, Shearing, Web Design

Starter Herd - 4 alpacas Price: $5,000
We have saved the best for last!  For the first time we are offering 4 alpacas that we have been saving and using for our favorite farm yarns.  We began downsizing from over 40 alpacas several years ago, our youngest son will be going to college soon and our alpaca farming journey will be sadly coming to a close.  

This package will make a great starter herd as we have been selectively breeding for the past 18 years to produce super fine alpaca fleeces for our beautiful farm yarns, focusing on the yarn has kept our alpacas in production for longer as the fineness has retained further than we have seen in farms that focus on color, body style or 'big bold crimp'.  There are some shining stars in this group!

All of our alpacas are well trained and easy to handle, many have been to shows and have taken ribbons in their halter classes as well as bringing my daughter home with her Performance Champion ribbons.  Deciding to train alpacas on obstacles has been a blessing when it comes to herd health or shearing days, everything remaining calm and collected.

This group of alpacas would be a benefit to any new or established farm, useful in any production or performance capacity!

Starter Package Includes:

White Females:  Persephone, Athena
Gelded Male:  Angellus (True Black)
Herdsires:  Stetson (True Black)

Alpaca Livestock Trailer - converted from 2 horse trailer
Several lightweight panels
Alpaca Scale (500 lb capacity)
Alpaca Chute
Halters & Leads
Heater Buckets

Medical Equipment:
Centrifuge, Microscope, Test Tubes, and Slides are available. A one day training session to use fecal testing equipment is included.

Fiber Equipment:
Lightly used carding machine, hand carder, flicker
Type:  Huacuya
DOB:  11/1/2019

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